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Name:X-men Unconventional Ships
Location:New York, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Posting Access:All Members
This community is dedicated to the shipping of non canon or unconventional pairings in all X-men universes. That means no Jean/Scott and no comicverse Rogue/Gambit and no Jean/Logan unless its Evolution. If it's canon in a particular universe, we don't want to see it here. For examples of uc pairings, take a look at the community's interests.

Other than that, any ship you can think of, in any incarnation of the X-men, is welcomed. Discussion, fanfic, subtext-filled comic scans, and screen caps are all welcomed. Slash and het are both allowed.

Fanfic posting:
  • Include headers and a rating.
  • Use a LJ-cut.
  • Pre-shipping and subtexty fanfics are fine.

Image posting: Put the comic scans, fanart, icons (if more than three), and any other sort of images behind a LJ-cut.

Other Guidelines
  • No flaming.
  • Feel free to post requests for beta readers.
  • Feedback is encouraged.
  • Don't put original characters with Pyro/Wolverine/Original Character and call it non-canon. Because it's non-canon in ways that not even we would tolerate.

Now join & start posting!!!!

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avalanche/cyclops, avalanche/rogue, banshee, blob, bobby/rogue/john, boom boom, challenges, chamber/jubilee, charles/emma, charles/jean, charles/raven, comics, cyclops/scarlet witch, cyclops/storm, excalibur, fan fiction, fanfic, fanficiton, femslash, fred dukes, gambit, gambit/jubilee, gambit/wolverine, generation x, goblin queen, icons, jean grey, jean/charles, jean/kitty, jean/lance, john/bobby/rogue, jubilee/gambit, kitty pryde, kitty/kurt, kitty/rogue, kurt/kitty, kurt/rogue, kurt/wanda, lance alvers, lance/pietro, lance/rogue, logan/kitty, logan/ororo, magneto/pyro, mystique/rogue, new mutants, new x-men, nightcrawler/boom boom, non canon, non-canon, otp3, pete wisdom, phoenix, pyro, pyro/boom boom, pyro/iceman, quicksilver, quicksilver/rogue, quicksilver/shadowcat, rachel summers, rachel/kitty, scott/rogue, shadowcat, slash, storm/cyclops, threesomes, uc pairings, ultimate x-men, uncanny x-men, unconventional ships, wolverine and the x-men, wolverine/gambit, wolverine/goblin queen, wolverine/kitty, wolverine/madelyne, wolverine/psylocke, wolverine/rachel, wolverine/rogue, wolverine/sabretooth, wolverine/storm, writing, x-23, x-fiction, x-men, x-men cartoons, x-men comics, x-men fanfiction, x-men het, x-men icons, x-men movies, x-men origins: wolverine, x-men pairings, x-men slash, x-men unconventional ships, x-men: evolution, x-men: the animated series, x-men: the last stand, x-men: the movie, x2, x3
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