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Fandom: X-Men: First Class (2011)
Rating: Teen and Up
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Charles Xavier/Azazel
Characters: Charles Xavier, Azazel, Mystique, Alex Summers, Hank McCoy, Sean Cassidy, Emma Frost

A Most Unusual Courtship
In which Charles compliments Azazel's tail, Azazel gets a wee bit of a crush and decides that perhaps he should start trying to date Charles. Mystique offers advice, and then starts to regret it.
Length: ~9000 words

A Most Unusual Courtship: Danced All Night
In which Azazel and Charles have another date night, and spend it all dancing.
Length: ~2900 words
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Killing Your Number

Fandom: X-men Origins: Wolverine & a smidge of the first X-Men movie
Pairing: Logan/Scott Summers
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 7,952

Summary: On The Island, Logan gets trapped in a purpose-built prison cell with a kid wearing some kind of weird eye-mask.

( The first thing Logan notices when he comes to is that everything is red. )
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Title: Run, Run
Rating: NC-17 (so. much. sex. ohmygod.)
Word Count: 6,356
Characters/Pairings: Sabretooth/Gambit
Timeline: Just before the movie, I think.
Summary: Remy's freezing in his flooded cell on the island, and Victor invites him up to dry ground for the night. Motives be damned; Remy knows an opportunity when he sees it.

Heavy footsteps splash in the puddles along the cages, and the animals rattle their bars.
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Title: Freak Show
Rating: NC-17 (language, blood, sex, the orgasmic awesome of having Victor and Remy in the same room...)
Word Count: 2,780 words
Characters/Pairings: Sabretooth/Gambit
Timeline: Definitely movie!verse, set after Origins.
Summary: Remy decides he's going to take advantage of his cat-and-mouse game with Victor before Victor takes advantage of him.

"There’s little comfort in the thought that Victor will never haul him in.".
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Rough Trade
X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Victor/Logan. NC-17. ~5300 words. Uninformed consent. Post-movie.
"An army boy," Victor says, gaze on the chain tucked into Logan's shirt. He hooks a finger in the one dangling around his own neck. "Imagine that."

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Silk Over Splinters
X-men Origins:Wolverine. Logan/Remy. NC-17. 7200 words. Co-authored by [personal profile] blue_soaring.
Remy's got answers to all the wrong hurts.

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Community cherry pop?

Bullet Proof
X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Victor/Logan. NC-17. ~3600 words.
He wouldn't be so fucking hungry for it all the time if James just gave it up when he needed it.

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