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(fic) A Most Unusual Courtship: A Perfect Disaster (teen, m/m)

Title: A Most Unusual Courtship: A Perfect Disaster
Fandom: X-Men: First Class (2011); Highlander
Rating: slash, Teen and Up
Relationships: Azazel/Charles Xavier
Characters: Azazel, Charles Xavier, Emma Frost, Maurice LaLonde, Marcelle LaLonde

Another date night for Charles and Azazel, except this one doesn't go very well at all. In fact, it is a terrible disaster. But, then again, it is perfect anyway.

Additionally, Emma finds out who Azazel's been dating.

Part 3 of the A Most Unusual Courtship Series.
The Highlander crossover part of this is so minor that unless you know HL fandom, it won't matter at all. (And if you know HL fandom, you'll wonder why I even bothered to mention it. *g* )

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